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E-Rickshaw Batteries

Do you all remember the time when Tuk-Tuks or Tempos were the cheapest mode of commutation in some tier 1 and major tier 2 cities? People always prefer riding them for short distances in low price. Then came the population and pollution jump. Their place was taken by E-rickshaws which are environment friendly and serves the same purpose. These new age battery operated E-Rickshaws are the vehicle leaders for a better future. 

E Rickshaw’s are widely accepted as an alternative to auto rickshaw’s and hand pulled ones as they have low fuel cost and less human effort. If introduced in a systematic manner, they could be a low-emitter complementary transport for low income group. To keep it steadily going with this aim, they need a sturdy and strong battery.

We provide E-Rickshaw Batteries for the eco-friendly rickshaws, which have a superior lasting value and capacity. These batteries are manufactured with high quality raw material for excellent performance and have high safety, stability and long run time.

Solar Batteries

Dayal's batteries for photovoltaic applications have been designed to provide high cycling performance under tropicalised environment. These batteries are produced in the Company's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, following stringent quality procedures and intense research.

Dayal's solar batteries are designed for efficient storing of energy and providing power optimally whenever required.These batteries withstand daily charge-discharge cycle, work even in partial state of charge condition and recharge fast.

UPS Batteries

The undisputed leader in the battery systems brings you the latest in inverters for uninterrupted power supply.  Dayal is proud to present three state-of-the-art models featuring the latest in sine wave and square wave technology to suit every application, load requirement, operating condition and budget. The Lead Acid Batteries designed for Home UPS ensure availability of un-interrupted and regulated power during mains failure or dip in input voltage. Featuring sophisticated digital control and display system they assure steady power to protect your sensitive equipment from power fluctuation and failure.

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